Pool Chlor
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Swimming Pool Equipment Repair in Fresno, CA

Your pool can only stay clear and clean if your equipment is in proper working condition at all times. At Pool Chlor, we not only provide chemicals, cleaning and pool service but also equipment repair. In the event that you need new pool equipment, ranging from filters to pumps to motors and everything in between, they're available from us along with our expert installation.


Knowledgeable Service Technicians

At Pool Chlor, you can count on us to be knowledgeable and ready to provide all the equipment repairs, maintenance and installation that you could possibly need to keep your pool in proper working condition and ready for your family to enjoy. Our technicians are ready to handle everything necessary to balance your pool chemicals, keep your equipment operating properly and keep your pool clean and healthy.
equipment repair - Pool Chlor in Fresno CA

Low Prices, Excellent Service

We believe strongly in providing excellent pool service at low prices. We're very proud of how high the quality of our service is and how low our prices are. No matter what size and shape your pool is or the extent of the pool service that you need, we can help you to enjoy your pool more and stress less. Call us today for all of your swimming pool needs from chemical services to major installation or repair jobs. We can handle them all.