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Pool Service in Fresno, CA

Conveniently located and serving Fresno, CA and the surrounding areas, we provide pool water analysis and testing as well as pool service and pool equipment repair. We also offer a complete line of high-quality pool maintenance products. After 30 years of intense research by Pool Chlor chemists, we've developed the right combination of chemicals to keep your pool at a safe and comfortable swimming level for you and your family. We value your business and make sure to provide excellent customer service whether you use our full-service pool cleaning or just our chemical services.
Outdoor Pool - Pool Chlor in Fresno CA

Chemical Services

If you're one of those individuals who prefers cleaning your own pool but would rather not constantly deal with the messy and often confusing measuring and adding of chemicals, we can provide just chemical services for you. Our technician will test your water to ensure that it is always chemically balanced and add chemicals as needed. That way, you can always count on the water to be sparkling clean and free of calcium buildup and algae.
Pool Testing - Pool Chlor in Fresno CA

Highly Recommended

We sincerely believe that the utmost compliment a customer can give us is to recommend us to their friends and neighbors. The many recommendations have garnered us numerous new customers. We hope that you will become one of them. Whether your pool is commercial or residential, large or small, indoor or outdoor, we're ready to help you to keep it safe and sparkling for many years to come. Give us a call today.
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