Pool Chlor
3036 E Malaga Ave, Fresno CA 93725

About Pool Chlor of Fresno, CA

Pool Chlor was founded in 1955. Since then, we also have the distinction of being the very first provider of swimming pool services to be registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. After 60 years of servicing swimming pools and providing, chemical services, repair and maintenance to residential pools, we are very proud of our relationships with our customers and their pools.


Industry Leader

At Pool Chlor, we are very proud to be considered an industry leader in the area of pool service and maintenance. Between our years of research into the chemical makeup of pool water and its effect on pool equipment along with our years of providing top-quality pool service and maintenance to residential and commercial customers, we are confident that we can provide excellence in pool maintenance, repair and services for you as well.
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Superior Customer Service

Since our extensive research and development is ongoing, you can also count on us to always be on top of the latest state-of-the-art pool care methods and products. In addition to our pool chemical research and development, we offer superior customer service to all of our customers. From our office staff to our route men who are all dedicated to the safe operation of your pool, we endeavor to make your pool as sparkling clean and balanced as it can possibly be.